Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I get in an accident?

 First, help anyone who is hurt. Call the police right away if someone is hurt, the damage is extensive, or something has been stolen. Contact your ERIE Agent. Get the names, addresses and license plate numbers of everyone involved, including witnesses. Keep your car (and other property) safe from further damage. 

What claims services can I expect from ERIE?

The assurance that you'll be promptly contacted after reporting a loss, in most cases the same day. After-hours services allowing you to report losses after normal business hours, on weekends and on holidays, by calling 1-800-367-3743. ERIEGlass Program, 1-800-552-ERIE, which simplifies auto glass repair and replacement. A Direct Repair Program that lets you choose your own repair shop. 

Am I covered if I borrow someone elses's car?

Yes, damage will be covered if you have comprehensive and collision coverage through ERIE. This would apply to any damage not covered by the owner's policy. Also, liability coverage applies as long as you have permission to be using the vehicle. 

What are physical damage coverages?

This term applies to comprehensive and collision coverages. Besides damage to your vehicle, the coverage includes things like broken glass and damaged equipment caused by hitting an animal, bird or falling object. 

If I rent a car, will it be covered?

The coverage you have on your own vehicles also covers use of rental cars. 

If I loan my car to someone else, is there coverage?

 Yes, unless that person is specifically excluded on your policy. 

If I rent a truck or trailer to move, does my auto insurance cover it?

Yes, with an ERIE policy, your liability and physical damage coverage purchased on your owned autos will extend to a rented or borrowed moving truck with up to six wheels. If you rent a truck with more that six wheels, you should consider purchasing a collision damage waiver from the rental company. Your ERIE policy also extends up to $2,000 in physical damage coverage, as well as liability coverage, to trailers you do not own.