The HomeProtector and ErieSecure Home policies offered by Erie Insurance come with a full complement of standard and extra features that provide coverage for your home and personal property. ERIE also covers apartments, condos and manufactured homes. Rental coverage for landlords and flood insurance are available, too.

With these policies, ERIE offers:

• Competitive pricing with a variety of discounts

• Coverage for theft of jewelry, watches and other items

• Coverage for living expenses if you have to relocate temporarily due to a covered loss like a house fire

• Superior claims service that ensures you will be contacted promptly after reporting a claim

Available Coverages

1. Coverage is available in all states that Erie represents, check out ErieSecure Home.

2. If you don’t live in one of those states, and you're a current ERIE Customer with a homeowners policy and want to learn more about it, check out HomeProtector.

3. Guarenteed Replacement Cost - there is no cap on homeowners if a customer has total loss. We will pay above and beyond policy limits.